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We are very happy to invite you to Budreniszki [pronounce: budrenishqi] village situated at the shore of lake Dowcień [pronounce: dovchen].
Our Guest Flat is located within a buffer zone of Wigry National Park. The property takes up an area of 0,5 hectares and has access to the lake Dowcień.

Within 2 kilometers’ distance, at the picturesque hill overlooking lake Wigry [pronounce: vigry] there is Camaldolese Monastery and way down at the lake shore there is a marina of Masurian Shipping Company.
Wihtin easy reach (up to 15 kilometers away) you can enjoy paintball, sauna, fishing at fishponds, horse riding, canoeing, bike and trekking rotues, educational trails.
During winter one of the most interesting passtimes are: downhill skiing (at Szelment [pronounce: shelment] ski lifts), cross-country skiing, sleigh trips and fishing under ice.

Farther away we recommend:
- trips to Lithuania (aquapark in spa town Druskininkai 90 km away, Kaunas 130km away and Vilnus 190km away);
- Puńsk [pronounce: punsk] - the capital city of local Lithuanians, 30 km away;
- Oszkinie [pronounce: oshkinie] - a settlement of Prussians and Yotvingians, 30 km away;
- Sejny [pronounce: seyni] - a town located close to the border with Lithuania, very interesting Synagogue and Basilica, 15 km away;
- Augustów [pronounce: augustoove], 35 km away;
- Biebrza National Park [pronounce: bibja], 40 km away;
- Suwałki [pronounce: suvawky] Landscape Park, 25 km away;
- Sports and Recreation Centre Szelment with ski lifts, 35 km away;
- Suwałki with seasonal tourist attractions: concerts, meetings, festivals, Aqua-Park and ice-rink in winter.